October 8, 2008

Rewind: The Big One

Channel 1 Releasing continues to rerelease some great classic films. This month we experience Catalina’s The Big One, in which a bevy of horny 1980s porn stars survive a San Francisco earthquake. There’s the usual bad hair (mullets) and tacky clothes (flannel), but Kurt Bauer is as hot and hairy as we remember him as he slams bleached blond Brad Richardson amid the wreakage. The legendary Scott Masters produced this wannabe epic, and director Chet Thomas even went to the trouble of faking an earthquake, complete with falling plaster and shaky camera work. Composer Costello Presley (think he was an Elvis fan?) contributes a melodramatic synth soundtrack. Mostly, it’s just good fun to watch the cast of regular dudes with natural bodies suck and fuck their way through this 20th-anniversary reissue. Hmmm, wonder whatever became of these long-forgotten guys. Can you imagine a reunion sequel?! The Big One stars mustachioed cover model Brian Adams, Brad Richardson, Clark Lindsay, Derek Jensen, Jim Moore, Kurt Bauer, Mike Gregory, Nick Cougar, Sean Laurence, Sparky O'Toole and Troy Ramsey. For more information, visit www.C1R.com.

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