November 11, 2008

New Release: Chainsaw

Veteran director Joe Gage takes us back to the sticks—this time, West Virginia’s Blue Mountains for the two-disc Chainsaw. When TitanMen exclusive Tony Buff finds fellow logger Braxton Bond napping instead of working, he’s got a great idea: work naked. But when they both pop boners, the only kind of work they can do is on each other’s cocks and asses. Meanwhile, Ranger Allen Silver finds his sons (Riley Burke and Brandon Cole) having a contest to see who can shoot their load the farthest. He happily joins in the competition. Sebastian Rivers is a door-to-door salesman doing a pitch for CJ Madison, who’s more interested in getting his uncut cock sucked. Over at the roadhouse, Ludovic Canot and Bigg Pete catch Ken Mack spying on them in the parking lot. He tells them he’s a model scout, but before long he’s on his knees “scouting” their cocks with his hungry mouth. At the company picnic, TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn offers Allen Silver’s big cock to their new boss Dillon Buck. Before long, Burke and Cole join in and soon all five are sucking, fucking and pissing all over one another. For the finale, Ludovic Canot, Bigg Pete and Ken Mack show up to find Flynn and Buck still naked, hard and ready for another round of dick sucking and ass fucking with plenty of watersports to boot. For more information, visit

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