November 12, 2008

News: Jet Set Launches New Straight Edge Site

Jet Set Men is debuting a new Web site today that will place the emphasis on straight men. Straight Edge will feature solo and duo scenes, many of which will be directed by GAYVN Hall of Fame winner (and veteran porn star) Chad Donovan (left). This content will be available free to current Web site members.

“Straight Edge will be a terrific addition to an already sizzling site built by Chris Steele and his team, which I am thrilled to be joining,” Donovan says. “We have sought out and found some of the hottest straight guys around the country and let them strut their stuff alone or dared them to cross that line with another guy. And they have!”

Jet Set’s marketing director John Tegan adds, “The emphasis on straight and edgy guys strutting their stuff solo for the camera or taking the leap into fucking around with another guy, combined with the skills of award-winning director like Donovan at the helm, will separate the content from other Web sites. While others have tried the straight-guy angle, we’re going to take it up a notch in production quality and star quality that fans now know they can only get from Jet Set.”

And it won’t be at any additional expense to members. “If you’re already a member,” Jet Set head Chris Steele says, “you get it all right away—new Web videos with hot new guys and access to newly released DVDs directly online, including a library of the best videos, action and porn star photos that Jet Set has to offer.”

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Anonymous said...

Shouldn't a "Straight" Edge site feature actual straight men? That's what they say it will feature, but two of the first guys featured are GAY - Chad Clovis does gay porn, so it's nothing new to him to do this stuff and Rocky Sonoma is one of the David Forest's hookers. Hardly straight guys!