November 10, 2008

Short Takes: Barrett Long Blogs…and More

Porn star Barrett Long (above) has launched his own page, page and real-time blog on Blogger. “It’s a great way to stay in touch with my fans,” Long says, “and keep them up on what’s going on with me and my site, and to introduce myself to ones I haven’t met yet.” The superhung superstar, who has starred in films such as The Porne Ultimatum and Beach House Diaries, promises something for everyone at his new site. You can find his official profile pages and blog at, and…There is new news about the case of jailed porn star Nickolay Petrov. The Web site is reporting that the onetime Jet Set exclusive has entered a plea in the murder plot he was involved in earlier this year. Under his real name, Edmon Vardanyan, Petrov has pleaded guilty to conspiracy and aiding and abetting in three vicious attacks on an elderly couple in both Sarasota, Florida, and in Brooklyn, New York. He faces a maximum of five years in prison for the conspiracy charge and a max of 20 years for the aiding and abetting charge.…People are always asking us, “Hey, whatever became of [fill in the name of some obscure porn star no one has seen or heard from in years]? Well, the good guys at the MenofPorn blog have dug up hot and hairy ’90s porn star Gianfranco (below), and he is looking all grown-up and better than ever. The Israeli model, who starred in films such as Family Secrets and Trying It On for Size, is 33 now and working as a chiropractor in West Hollywood. He and his hunky partner had a profile on Big Muscle for a bit, but alas, it’s gone now and once again it seems so is Gianfranco.

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Critical Eye said...

Gianfranco was THE love of my youth, he aged well but he bulcked up too much muscle. for the record, he is NOT israeli but Iranian.