December 17, 2008

Contest: Win Raging Stallion’s “Dead” Men

Another day, another calendar—but this one wasn’t made for the masses. In an attempt to promote its big year-end release To the Last Man, Raging Stallion Studios has created a limited-edition calendar titled “They Died With Their Boots On.” The grisly piece features the cast of the Western epic (including Jimmy Tripps, above, and Antonio Biaggi, below) in their bloody death photos (although, did anyone notice that lifetime exclusive Ricky Sinz goes unscatched?). Fans have been referring to it as the “dead porn star calendar,” but RSS president Chris Ward says that it was intended to be used only as a private marketing tool and was never meant to be put on sale for the general public. “We sent it out to reviewers and people in the industry,” Ward explains. “It’s a rather horrific calendar—not something you would want to look at every day. It was a limited run, numbered and signed by photographer Geof Teague, so if there are any left over after our marketing needs, we can decide if we want to offer them to our customers.”

Well, received one (number 139 out of 500!) and because we don’t want to look at it every day either, we’re going to offer it to one of our lucky readers! Just write to us at and tell us why you would want this rare collectible (be creative) and the best answer (decided by us) wins. (Sorry, guys, we only got one calendar, so there can only be one winner.) Deadline is Friday, December 19, at midnight. Yes, we are extending to give readers two more days to tell us why they want to look at “deceased” porn stars in 2009. And no, the winner won’t be Last Man director Tony Dimarco, who wrote in to jokingly say that he deserves the calendar because he “sweated blood to make this film…and I was there!” Better luck next time, Tony! For more on To the Last Man, visit

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