December 31, 2008

Guy Candy: Sean Cody’s Adorable New Twins

It’s the last post of the year, so let’s end it with double the cuteness. Sean Cody has found what may be the discovery of the year…and just in the nick of time! Gorgeous Jeff and John are identical twins who just turned 19. “I’ve known many sets of twins,” Cody says, “but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any as connected as these two.” Connected indeed! Just take a look at their hot j/o scene at (We know, the whole incest thing is kinda freaky, but what if your bro looked like this!?) Jeff (longer hair) and John (shorter hair) both identify as straight and say that they haven’t done anything sexual together (we guess jacking doesn’t count). Fun fact: Although the twins are identical, their cocks are not. “Jeff’s is longer and curves to his right, while John’s is shorter and straighter,” Cody reveals. Good to know! We’d also like to know where he finds cuties like these—and may we all be so blessed in 2009. Happy new year, guys!

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Baxter's Briefs said...

It's funny, they have the same names as me and my partner. I wonder if they'd be into a foursome! lol Frigin cute!