December 11, 2008

News: Heart and Hawke Re-up With Falcon

Falcon Entertainment has announced the re-signing of both Roman Heart and TJ Hawke as exclusive models. Heart (above) has appeared in 22 films since being introduced by Falcon in 2004 and won Best Newcomer at both the GAYVN and Grabby Awards in 2006. This year he has starred in six Falcon films, including Overtime, Roman’s Holiday and the newly released Malibu Heat.

Hawke (below) will enter into his second year with Falcon after appearances in films such as Rough Play, Fleet Week, Afterparty and Best Men, Part 2. He also criss-crossed the country on Manhunt’s 7 Sexy Sins club tour earlier this year. Hawke’s latest film, Asylum, will be released in late January.

“It’s rare for one studio to have as many superstars as Falcon does,“ says Troy Prickett, Falcon’s director of promotion. “With a stable of men that includes Heart, Hawke, Matthew Rush, Erik Rhodes, Aden and Jordan Jaric, Tony Capucci and up-and-comer Ty Colt, I don’t think we could have a stronger roster of talent. They are all superstars in their own unique ways, but they also all have that unmistakable iconic Falcon look.”

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el cid said...

roman heart, u can't get a better bitch bottom than him and TJ Hawke, well, the photo featured is awesome but he still has to convince me of his gayporn skills; will give him a chance though

Chocolate lover said...

Hawke looks so sexy, sensitive, inviting, natural in this photo: a winner at least for looks, want him yto flip flop with roman heart for once on my flatscreen

Ass Addicted said...

Yeah, I'l all for Hawke's looks as well, i'm waiting for a hot porn scene wherein he bottoms but that's possibly asking for too much right? It would make him a GAY porn star thougfh:) No both are great looking guys and i look foward to their future releases.

Baxter's Briefs said...

Roman is looking pretty hot these days! Looking forward to his next feature!

Cock Addict said...

He has always looked pretty hot but s does TJ Hawke, i just LOVE that photo