December 4, 2008

Seen: Blake and Johnny at Chi Chi’s B-day Bash

Directrix Chi Chi LaRue held her annual birthday event last week at Here Lounge in West Hollywood, and what kind of exclusives would her company, Channel 1 Releasing, have if they didn’t show up to wish the big gurl well on her big day? Superstar exclusives Blake Riley and Johnny Hazzard (above) were in attendance, looking hot and being supportive. Wonder whether we’ll ever see these two cuties in a scene together! For more Chi Chi party pics, visit


Angel Benton said...

Check the archives of Live And Raw where they did indeed do a hot scene together. Johnny apparently enjoyed it so much that he couldn't wait to write about it on his blog.

Edward said...

well, they have been in a scene together already and that was hot!!
I'd like to see Blake combined with a black stud like tyler johnson or latino gods such as D.O. or Alexy Tyler

frederic said...

Luv blake Riley, is Hazzard -a hot stud too- losing some of his gorgeous hair?