January 20, 2009

Short Takes: Last Man Film Premiere…and More

Raging Stallion continues the media blitz that has accompanied the release of its To the Last Man megahit. This Wednesday, January 21, the studio will host a private screening of the epic (and violent) Western at an actual movie theater! Cast members, including Scott Tanner, Ricky Sinz, Jake Deckard, Damian Rios and Antonio Biaggi, will join invited guests at the Regent Showcase Theater in Los Angeles for a special screening. A private reception will follow at the Eagle L.A. These events come on the heels of news that the movie has sold out all 5,000 copies of its initial run. “We are astounded at the demand for this film,” says RSS president Chris Ward. (On a side note, following Raging Stallion’s announcement, Lucas Entertainment sent out a press release saying that it was “smart enough” to stock up on its competing Return to Fire Island release. Play nice, kids!)…It’s a done deal. LGBT media company PlanetOut Inc. has completed its merger with Here Networks LLC (which airs shows such as Dante’s Cove and The Lair) and Regent Entertainment Media Inc. (publisher of magazines such as The Advocate and Out) to form a new public entity known as Here Media Inc. All three companies will remain separate subsidiaries of the new corporation. However, Unzipped Media—publisher of gay porn mags Unzipped, Freshmen and Men and their Web sites, which Regent also owns—will not be a part of the new Here Media.…It’s hard to believe that it’s been 13 years since director Chip Daniels graced us with the original Hot Cops movie (starring yummy Vince Rockland in his prime). Now the porn star-turned-director is back with Young Guns, the latest in the Centaur Films series, which stars Derrick Vinyard, Austin Grant, Kurt Wild, Carter Longway, Jason Reynolds, Jesse Zane, Drew Peters, Kyle Lewis, Riley Scott and TJ Young. Just like the original, the new release reimagines the Cops reality show, but only with hard-core sex! “Young Guns allowed me to continue the exploration of hot male fantasies in real-world settings,” Daniels says. “In particular, the stellar cast of first-rate models was a delight for both [co-director and Jet Set Men head] Chris Steele and me to work with. I can promise you that their performances will get you off!” For more information, visit www.centaurfilms.com.

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