March 3, 2009

Seen: Brent Corrigan at Murder Trial in PA

It’s not every day that a gay porn star testifies at a murder trial. But that’s exactly what happened last week when twink superstar Brent Corrigan served as the lead witness at the Harlow Cuadra trial in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. (We have refrained from reporting all the gory details of this tragic case involving the killing of Bryan Kocis, owner and operator of Cobra Video, but just Google for all the background.) Now that Corrigan has completed his testimony and returned to his home in San Diego, the 22-year-old model has taken to his blog to comment on the whirlwind that has been the past five years of his life (that includes when he broke into the big biz as an underage newbie). “And now that it’s over, I can finally afford to relieve some of the steam and pressure that has built up inside of me,” Corrigan writes. “I can finally, truly and honestly look to the future and know it’s wide open from here.” For more, visit

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