March 19, 2009

Web Watch: Matthew Rush Blogs for New Film

As we mentioned recently, porn superstar Matthew Rush has made his first movie since flying the Falcon Studios coop. Now, the muscle stud is getting out there to promote it. Brief Encounters is an undies epic that pairs him with, er, mature hunk Tim Kelly and is just hitting shelves. So Rush has written a blog for the Pantheon Productions film in which he showers and flip-flops with Kelly.

Brief Encounters was the first movie that I had done after leaving Falcon,” Rush writes. “I wasn’t quite sure how the experience was going to be. I was shooting with my best friend and workout partner Tim Kelly. We are partners in crime and frankly we can be a bit silly. We get to the set and the guys at Pantheon were really sweet and they put me at ease right away. They told us the premise of the scene and we start to shoot. We start off in the locker room where we cruise each other. I’m trying my hardest not to laugh. I was doing a good job at holding my composure until Tim ran into one of the lockers. It was the funniest thing watching Tim be all hot and sexy one minute and then BAM, he walks into a locker. The look on his face was priceless! I guess I laughed a little too hard because when I bent over to take my underwear off, I stood up and whacked my head on the locker door. At least our heads weren’t the only things that got banged that day.” To read more of Matt’s on-set misadventures, visit the Hom Blog at

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