April 21, 2009

News: Bobby Clark and Bro Seth Pull Together

Okay, it’s officially a trend! They may not be twins or triplets, but Bobby Clark and sibling Seth Clark are proving once again that brothers are doing it for themselves. In a new scene for Cockyboys.com, the two straighters jerk off while watching (straight?) porn. “I figured it was time I catch the Clark brothers together on film,” Cockyboys producer Kyle Majors says. “I took Seth Clark out for drinks, and he let it slip that he and his brother used to kick back on the couch, watch straight porn and share war stories while they squeeze one out together. That’s when I had the idea.”

The clips starts off with the guys joking around while naked and watching porn on TV. They trade stories about the girls they’ve been with, and soon it’s impossible for them to ignore their boners. They start jacking off with complete concentration, grunting and breathing harder as the tension builds between them. It doesn’t take long before the bros are pumping poles and moaning to let each other know they were getting closer. It’s like their bodies are in tune as they work toward their inevitable pop shots. Hey, as Majors points out, the family that sprays together, stays together! For more information, visit www.cockyboys.com.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe it. They don't look like each other and Bobby's cut and Seth's not. It's possible the parents came to their senses once Seth came around, but more likely is these two aren't brothers.

Dwight Supremacy said...

They totally look alike. Try to get past the fact that Bobby is bleached and tanned to within an inch of his life.