April 29, 2009

News: The Return of Jonathan Vargas…

Well, to blogging anyway. For everyone who wrote in to ask about Jonathan Vargas, we had no new information—until the onetime porn star decided to start updating his Web site again. It was about a year ago that the star of Welcome to Paradise and Auditions 18 fell off the map. Now we know for sure that he found love and moved to Australia, where is still happily living in Sydney and working full-time. In recent posts, he doesn’t mention returning to porn, but from all the cozy vacation photos of him and boyfriend Christian, we wouldn’t hold our breath. Vargas may not be in front of the triple-X cameras any longer, but he sure isn’t letting himself go! For more, visit www.jvargasxxx.blogspot.com.


DeWayne In San Diego said...

Hey Vincent thanks for the update, I just rediscovered Jonathons Blog, I am really happy for him. He was one of my all time fav Lucas Ent stars.

Amazing sensual performer and a genuine nice guy!

Eduardo said...

just read the blog, and a good reader knows this affair will end before too long, jonathan is a romantic in need of love (aren't we all?) but he's not going to find it down-under. Things have happened which would never happen in a relationship with a future.
and yes, i want him to be happy too, he's a great guy but i also miss him a lot in porn. Come back jonathan before the flower has withered, or get urself a guy in NYC