April 28, 2009

News: Rocky and Dean Coxx Go All the Way

In the good old days, when Rocky and Dean Coxx were modeling for the Straight College Men Web site, they weren’t exactly known for their man-on-man play. Well, how things have changed. Now that Coxx runs his own ClubDean.com site, he decided to bring back good buddy Rocky so they could go full-on hard-core together for the first time. In fact, in a new scene, both guys top and bottom for each other (between yelps and screams). “After I started doing hard-core sex scenes, this was the one I got the most requests for,” Coxx says. “People have loved watching us together for years, so I knew to make my fan base happy, I had to do whatever it takes to convince Rocky to do this with me. The result, though, is just so much hotter than I even expected. I think every fan of ours will agree it’s been well worth the wait.” To see whether he’s right, visit ClubDean.com.

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