April 2, 2009

Seen: Hall of Famer Chris Steele at GAYVNS

Director Gino Colbert inducted a new batch of Hall of Famers at the GAYVN Awards in San Francisco last weekend. Among them was Chris Steele, who started in the industry a decade ago as a performer (Uncle Jack, anyone?) and is now the head honcho at Jet Set Men. “It’s a blast to be singled out,” Steele said in an exclusive interview with VincentLambert.com, “and very cool to go to an award show knowing you’re getting a statue. The Hall of Fame Award is the only one with your name on it. It’s really fucking cool to have one and to be on a list with so many of my friends and colleagues.” Steele (pictured above with Jet Set exclusive Adam Campbell) won over the audience with his acceptance speech in which he reminisced about taking over for Chi Chi LaRue to direct his first movie for Falcon Studios and how his mom, beaming in the audience, wrote the script. Now those are our kind of family values! For more information, visit www.jetsetmen.com.

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