May 1, 2009

Best of the Decade: Part 1 (2000-2004)


Looking back over 10 years of gay porn was no small task, but we were honored to be asked to participate in this group blogging event that pays tribute to the very best of the decade. Just a few words about our choices: We have watched a lot of movies in our day; the list that follows are ones that stand out in our minds for being entertaining, setting a standard and in some cases pushing the genre
to a new place. Many have won awards, and they have all stood the test of time. They are in no particular order except chronological by year and the alphabet. So here are our picks, to be presented in two parts. And read to the end of this post to see what other great minds are taking part in this first-ever event.


Animus (All World Video) Wash West writes and directs this good-humored mystery starring hairy Thomas Lloyd as a thief. Blake Harper is memorable as the detective who tracks him.

Dream Team
(Studio 2000) Adorable Rick Chase reunites with his basketball team in this Jerry Douglas sports-themed movie. Balls have never looked so good.

Echoes (Men of Odyssey) Chi Chi LaRue directs Tony Donovan in a psychological thriller with a script by Jordan Young. Donovan has never been better, along with Dean Phoenix, Jeremy Tucker, Max Grand, Spike, Chad Johnson and Blake Harper. Sharon Kane cameos as a psychic as only she can!

Now and Forever (Studio 2000) A strange old dude with a pocket watch drives the action in this romantic piece that showcases handsome Travis Wade.

The Shaman (L.A. Brown Productions) An ethereal gem that is one of the most beautifully photographed gay porn films ever. Read our review here.

Technical Ecstasy (Men of Odyssey) Again, Wash West directs. Drew Andrews plays a mad scientist. All we can remember is the scene in which supercute couple Derek Cameron and Dean O’Connor get busy under the sheets. Sam Crockett ramming Chad Kennedy in the desert ain’t bad either.

(High Octane 2) A talky but inventive view of Berlin’s seamy underbelly from German director Hervé Handsome. Read our review here.

Caesar’s Hardhat Gang Bang (Men of Odyssey) Caesar rules in this ethnic gang bang that is still hard to beat. Read our review here.

The Crush (Falcon Studios) John Rutherford directs—and Travis Wade and Colby Taylor’s flip-flop fuck scene is worth the price of admission. Nuff said.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (MSR Video) A gripping script delivers courtroom drama and tackles the serious topic of gays in the military. Tony Alizzi and Jack Francis direct, and Cole Tucker steals the show. Read our review here.

Out of Athens (Falcon Studios) This two-parter from director John Rutherford was shot on location in Greece and has gorgeous locations and an even more gorgeous cast (30 models!), including Johnny Brosnan and Jeremy Jordan.


The Back Row (Rascal Video/Channel 1 Releasing) Chi Chi LaRue re-creates director Jerry Douglas’s 1972 classic oh so faithfully. A lovely homage.

Carnal Intentions (Men of Odyssey) Jim Steel directs this takeoff of Cruel Intentions in which Chad Donovan and Tony Donovan play step-brothers who should do it.


Absolute Aqua + Arid (Falcon Studios) Shot in Australia, this plotless two-parter from director John Rutherford juxtaposes beautiful scenery and men, both wet and dry.

Cowboy (Big Blue Productions/Arena) Blue Blake directs Caesar in an award-winning role that is the centerpiece of this tight thriller. Read our review here.

Sex Psycho (Thor Productions/Arena Entertainment) Thor Stephans directs Derek Cameron in a complex Hitchcockian thriller. Read our review here.

Under the Big Top (Sarava Productions) Director Lucas Kazan adapts the Italian opera Pagliacci into arty gay porn. Bravo!

White Trash (MSR Video) This funny and twisted comedy from director Tony Alizzi plays like a gay porn homage to John Waters. Read our review here.

Gorge (Titan Media) Ray Dragon returned to full-on porn for this beautifully shot Bruce Cam epic of outdoor sex. Throw in studly Dred Scott and you have a winner.

The Hole (Jet Set) Wash West’s hysterical spoof of horror movie The Ring in which straight jocks turn gay. Tag Eriksson and Jason Adonis lead an excellent cast. This one stands up, even without the sex scenes. High praise indeed.

There Goes the Neighborhood
(All Worlds Video) Fun spoof of 1960s movies from director Rick Tugger. Who can forget Rod Barry in a skirt (no, not drag. He plays a Roman soldier in a porn parody)? Priceless.

Wet Palms (Jet Set) A sexy and campy soap opera spoof that unfolded in episodes and blazed some trails for gay porn.

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Mickey said...

Great list of fav porn movies Vince! I missed a few of these, and they brought back some good memories! Check out my lists at came up with news and losses, and I've got my list coming (it should have been up friday, but the jerks didn't put it up!) love, mickey skee