May 19, 2009

News: Wolf Hudson to Direct for Cockyboys


Porn star Wolf Hudson, who recently signed as an exclusive model for, has announced that he will now be directing for the online studio. The self-proclaimed King of Kink will fittingly produce “kinky” scenes that will showcase his creative and experimental side. “Wolf really does try to push the envelope as far as he can,” says site founder Kyle Majors, “so I thought what better way to spice up the content on Cockyboys than to have a star like Wolf conceive and direct some scenes, allowing him full creative control to live out some of his own fantasies for his fans.” had a chance to talk to Hudson last week in L.A., and he told us that he is excited at the prospect of moving behind the camera. “I’ve always wanted to do this and doing it with a new, fresh and edgy company like Cockyboys is a dream come true,” he says. “There are no preconceived ideas about what their scenes have to be like, so the slate is clean and I think we can come up with some very hot scenes that will have people talking. I’m definitely going to shake things up a bit.”

Hudson said that he will continue to perform, both for Cockyboys and on the straight side. He revealed that he has hired director Jett Blakk to work on the scenes that he will be in as well as direct, so he can be assured of getting the best footage. The Bronx-born stud also said that he plans to make good on his promise to teabag his many fans when he co-hosts the Grabby Awards in Chicago this weekend.

Hudson’s directorial debut will be out in a few weeks. For more information, visit

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