May 26, 2009

Short Takes: Blue Blake Unretires…and More

We heard from our old buddy Blue Blake (left) last week, and he confirmed that all the chatter is true. After yet another premature retirement, the award-winning porn star and director is returning to gay porn. The British stud, who went back to England last year after living in Los Angeles for many years, has decided that he wants to produce movies again. In an exclusive interview with, Blake said that after the breakup of his 13-year relationship with a Hollywood producer, he took a year off to decompress and travel the world. “I went from Zanzibar to Ibiza, and despite my penchant for rich Arabs I decided against Dubai and ended up buying a house in London,” Blake told us. “Now I’ve settled down and realized it’s time to shoot a new film. I am meeting so many gay-for-pay bodybuilders here who are all keen to star in a porno, so back to filming I go!” Blake added that he is happily dating a rugby player. He also has a radio segment on Gaydar Radio called Sexy and the City in which he talks about what’s hot in London that week. He’s still doing signings for his excellent memoir, Out of the Blue. “I’ve been in this industry for 15 years,” Blake said, “and I still get a kick out of it!” Welcome back, baby!…Last month we wrote an update for all the Jonathan Vargas fans out there. Now blogger and Cocktails With the Stars host Scotty B has snagged an online interview with Vargas at in which he says that he is moving back to the States and might be considering a return to the industry. Sounds like his great Australian love affair is over. [Big sigh] We can’t say that we’re surprised because shortly after our item ran, we received a sweet thank-you note from Jonathan in which he wrote, “As for films…I can’t say just yet. It’s not a yes, but it’s not a no either.” [Big grin!]…The guys at are certainly keeping busy, stocking their house and site with the usual assortment of stunning young studs who like to play pool, chug Red Bull and wrestle naked. Their new season kicked off this weekend. It’s called “Best Buddies” and promises some hot duo fun from the mostly smooth jocks (below). We know some crazy shiz has gone down in previous seasons, so stay tuned. This is better than Big Brother!

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yeah, i want jonathan 'hot lips' vargas back!!!!