May 18, 2009

Short Takes: Brent Corrigan Is Easy…and More

Twink superstar Brent Corrigan is set to release his new movie through Dirty Bird Pictures, and it just happens to be set in New Orleans. Brent Corrigan’s Big Easy features six cute young models (including Jeremy Lange, Ryan Buckley and Aiden Tyler) who are filmed in true reality-style. Corrigan (who looks especially fetching on the cover of the new issue of Freshmen mag) and his guys tour the French Quarter, go to wild parties and photo shoots, and, oh yeah, have tons of steamy sex in five scenes. Disc one has more than three hours of action, and disc two contains photo galleries, trailers, cast interviews and a game of truth or dare. How very Madonna of them!… broke the news last week that Jim French, the founder of COLT Studio Group, is suing the current owners for breach of contract. Prowest Media, which includes president John Rutherford, is being charged by French with failure to pay back the $2.2 million promissory note for the sale of the company in 2003. Rutherford told, “We regret that Mr. French has chosen to pursue his differences legally where only lawyers will prosper in this current economy. After nearly 20 years of building an honest and loyal reputation I have every intention of working out our differences.”… was the first to report the demise of several gay porn magazines. New York–based Mavety Media Group announced last week that it is ceasing the publication of Honcho, Inches, Mandate, Playguy and Torso magazines. The historic titles were originally published by owner George Mavety, who died in 2000. This leaves the number of gay porn mags in the single digits. Let’s have a moment of silence for the passing of an era, guys.…Falcon Studios has announced that it will partner with underwear company /baskit/ for Dripping Wet 2. The all-sex film is being shot at a luxurious estate in Palm Springs, and its cast includes Aden and Jordan Jaric, TJ Hawke, Spencer Reed, Bobby Clark and Jason Pitt (Falcon exclusive Erik Rhodes will also be shooting behind-the-scenes material for the DVD extras). Dripping Wet 2 will also feature underwear from the /baskit/ collection (shown below)—when the models are wearing undies, that is. The film is the second installment in what will become a series of annual releases; the first was shot in partnership with the underwear company Ginch Gonch.


Jr said...

The two models on the left are PURE PERFECTION!!!!!

Anonymous said...

they are but so is tj hawke in a way