May 13, 2009

Web Watch: iPhone It In

One of our followers on Twitter (follow us @ VinceLambertNYC) sent along a new Web site that celebrates the intimate relationship between men and their iPhones. You know the ones, those photogenic hotties who pose provocatively in front of their bathroom mirrors. Water spots, be damned! Or those pumped hunks who expose a hot, hairy (or smooth) torso while their filthy bedroom looms in the background, threatening to overtake them. Hmmm, maybe we’re focusing on the wrong things! Anyway, there are pages of sexy snapshots here, offering up pecs, biceps, butts and even the occasional cock. And who are we to pass that up? Oh, and look who we found among the posers. Yup, that’s handsome Jason Ridge in orange (below). It figures that the porn star is the only one who keeps his shirt on! For more, visit

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