June 9, 2009

News: Jonathan Lowe Leaves Biz With a Bang

Cockyboys.com has announced the departure of porn star Jonathan Lowe. “It’s a sad day for porn,” the online studio said in a statement. “Jonathan Lowe, one of the hottest little pieces of ass in porn, is retiring. The silver lining on this dark, dark cloud though is that J. Lowe wanted to do his last scene ever with his real-life boyfriend Tony (below) who, prior to his solo last week, had never done anything like this before.”

The scene, which is available at the site now, shows the two making out passionately before Tony yanks down Lowe’s jock and sucks his thick juicy piece. “I think Jonathan felt competitive because the next thing I know he’s going down on Tony with more gusto than I’ve ever seen him chow down on cock before,” director Kyle Majors says. After trading blowjobs, Lowe sits his bubble butt down on Tony’s rock-hard cock. The bfs eventually flip-flop, and it all ends with huge cum shots from both. As the press release says, “Talk about going out with a motherfuckin’ bang!” For more, visit Cockyboys.com.

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