June 23, 2009

Seen: Brent and Zack at Rentboy Pool Party

Twink alert! And it doesn’t get much twinkier than this, guys. Porn stars Brent Corrigan and Zack Randall were snapped together at the Rentboy.com Pool Party at Helios Resort in Palm Springs last weekend. (The photo is courtesy Brent himself via Twitter. If it weren’t for Twitter, everyone wouldn’t know what everyone else was doing every minute of every day. Can you imagine? And speaking of which, you can follow us @ VinceLambertNYC.) Gee, wonder what they talked about. Brent’s new Big Easy movie? Zack’s new contract to star in 20 scenes for SaggerzSkaterz Studios? Or maybe it was just Corrigan’s new haircut. Who cares? They both look fine in a swimsuit. Btw, the Rentboy Pool Party Tour hits NYC this Friday, June 26, at Baña for Gay Pride. Get wet!


escort-freak said...

does this mean one can hire them at the spor for some fun at the side?

Cockaddict said...

I'd rather rent Zack's "toyboy" Derek Rivero, now that's a stunner