July 9, 2009

News: The Jarics Extend Contract With Falcon

When they’re not busy getting unnecessary cosmetic surgery, Aden and Jordan Jaric spend their time being gay porn’s hottest monogamous couple. Actually, aren’t they the only one? Anyway, the dynamic duo has decided to renew their contract with Falcon Studios, so fans can rest assured that these two cuties will continue to fuck only each other for the foreseeable future. “We initially signed the boys as a sexy publicity gimmick,” says the official Falcon blog, “but they developed such a strong following that we would have been silly to not extend their time with us.” Together the guys have appeared in several titles, including Endless Crush, Best Men, Malibu Heat and the recently released The Trainer. “We’re proud to have them as part of our family and are looking forward to some exciting things coming their way in the next couple of months,” the studio adds. For more information, visit falconstudios.com.

1 comment:

Mickey said...

They've said in interviews that they do threesomes together, just without fucking, so that whole monogamy thing is basically a lie. And since they were clearly marketed as a "publicity gimmick," it's pretty unlikely that they're a real couple in the first place...or even gay for that matter. Nice fantasy though.