August 7, 2009

Event: Industry Moves to Eleven in Weho


It was just last week that promoter Jason Sechrest announced that his popular Industry event, which had been going strong at Numbers in West Hollywood for almost a year, would be ending. (Word is that the place is going straight! What are they thinking?) Now comes good news: Sechrest and his funky bunch are moving down the street to Eleven Lounge & Restaurant (8811 Santa Monica Blvd.). And the big change happens this Saturday, August 8, from 6 to 11 pm.

“We had a lot of venues vying for the opportunity to take on this event,” Sechrest says. “We decided on Eleven as the perfect place because it has the best of all worlds: a restaurant, a bar and a dance club! The boys will be go-go dancing downstairs at the bar and hosting/canoodling upstairs at the restaurant. There’s also a private VIP area in the back where we’ll offer lap dances.” They’re even adding a special dinner menu for the night that includes a new Porn Star Dessert, which is a banana split fed to you by the porn star of your choice—with or without nuts!

This week, the men of will be headlining along with the 10 nearly naked gay porn stars who always work so hard. On a recent visit to Industry at Numbers, we mingled with (from top): co-promoter Josh Griffin; kink king Wolf Hudson; new co-stars Jeremy Bilding and Vance Winter; host Sechrest and singing screen star Shane Risk; director Gino Colbert (right) and a sexy friend. For more information, visit

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