August 18, 2009

News: David Anthony Signs With Titan Media

Lat week it was JR Matthews, this week Titan Media is announcing the signing of David Anthony to an exclusive multi-year contract. The 41-year-old model will make his debut in the upcoming Eye Contact, followed by another Brian Mills–directed film, Toolbox. Next, the fetish top will star in the third installment in Titan’s Rough fetish line titled Bound and Beaten, which will be released at Folsom Street Fair in September.

“I remember seeing David on the cover of Men magazine,” director Brian Mills says. “I thought he was one of the hottest men to ever grace their cover. When David approached us, he made it clear that he wasn’t interested in working with any other studios. He loves the men we feature in our movies and the kind of aggressive play they engage in. Working with David is a lot of fun, because he’s such a nice and intelligent man. He has the kind of confidence that only a mature man can have. He’s also a complete exhibitionist and pig. This guy walks around nude all the time. It’s distracting! This guy is going to be very popular!”

Anthony says, “I decided to join with TitanMen for a few reasons. Personally, I find that TitanMen films are the best in the industry. Meeting with the TitanMen team for the first time gave me a positive impression about their organization. Lastly, actually working with them was a great experience and I’m looking forward to more work in the future.” For more information, visit


jeremyrain said...

His body looks great. But his face's a little bit rough and tired. Facial hair- a no-no for him. Maybe some vitamins and more sleep, david?

Tribute Classics said...

Is this the same "David Anthony" that appeared in 1st Time Tryers 14 Miami, in 1999 - who "retired" around 2001 - and now making a come-back?

Anonymous said...

I think David is "HOT" he does not look tired to me he looks like he is well rested and ready to go and maybe if he had a mustache that would set him off even more Thanks for the "REAL MAN" look baby.