August 4, 2009

News: Hugo Milano Signs With Cockyboys

There’s a new boy in Cocky town! Online studio has announced the signing of 21-year-old Hugo Milano to an exclusive contract. Milano, who hails from Arizona, makes his debut in a solo scene that goes live on Thursday, August 13. This will be followed by his first duo in which he tops Scottie Brooks. “Hugo is the real deal,” founder Kyle Majors says. “He’s a real stud with lots of stamina.” To see how much, visit


Ass Freak said...

gr8 looks hope he can suck dick and kiss a man with passion, at best be a bottom, top material AFA looks are concerned. Top material as a pornstar? Let's wait and c

Donald said...

Not as much drama as the first comment, I just wanted to say he was really cute

Ronaldo said...

was? Donald u certainly mean IS no?