August 25, 2009

News: Kyle King Renews Hot House Contract

Long live the King! Hot House exclusive Kyle King has decided to renew his contract with the San Francisco–based studio for another year and a half. “His skills as a truly versatile performer and his fresh good looks made him an instant fan favorite,” studio chief Steven Scarborough says. “We quickly signed him to a contract and cast him in our high-end Hot House movies and his career has taken off.”

The studly King started out working in scenes for Hot House’s Web site and soon moved on to featured roles in films such as King Size (bottoming for Dean Phoenix), Locker Room, Trunks 5 and Wood Work. He also won a Grabby Award for Best Newcomer. His recent releases include Skuff 4: Downright Fierce and Movers ’N Shakers. For more information, visit


Beat-it said...

he's a good addition, hot and dedicated performer/bottom but where's hot alexy tyler when i need him? Or equally hot Tyler johnson?

Desire said...

Quite like him!

Anonymous said...

a really hot guy!