August 24, 2009

Short Takes: Best of Dean Phoenix…and More

Porn superstar Dean Phoenix recently returned to the fold with two online scenes for Jet Set Men’s Straight Edge Web site. Now Channel 1 Releasing is hearing the cry of Phoenix fans worldwide and treating them to the stud’s first-ever compilation. Dean starred in 16 films as an All Worlds Video exclusive after he was discovered by director Dirk Yates in the late 1990s, and The Best of Dean Phoenix brings together scenes from some of the finest, including Diggin’ Deep, Spiked, Untamed and his memorable performance as a military man in 1999’s God, Was I Drunk (still love that title!). Some of his co-stars include a who who’s of gay porn’s top stars of the past, such as Joey Hart, Zach Richards, Drew Peters, Spike and Nick Young. In other Best of… news, porn legend Joey Stefano (who passed in 1994) is getting similar treatment from the studio. His collection features scenes from classics such as Billboard, Hard Steal and Man of the Year. For more information on both films, visit… is hitting the airwaves—or Vince is anyway! Journalist Vincent Lambert has been booked as a guest on The Derek and Romaine Show on Wednesday, September 2, in the 7 pm hour. You read the latest gay porn gossip here every day, and next week you’ll be able to hear it live on Sirius OutQ 109. Vince will also be taking phone calls from crazed porn fans with burning questions, so be sure to listen in and dial up!…Porn star Zack Randall wrote to us last week to set the record straight. It seems that our item (and every other gay porn blogger’s item) about the breakup of his relationship with longtime boyfriend Derek Rivero was not accurate. It turns out that it was simply the work of some evil unnamed porn studio that forced Derek to make and post that infamous video on YouTube. (Did they also make him act like one of the Stepford Wives?) “Most of its content if not all was fabricated by external influences other than Zack and myself,” Derek says in an exclusive interview with our blog buddy Marc Wynter at The cute couple showed up together (below) at the Freshman of the Year party thrown for Zack by Unzipped Media in honor of his new title last week in Los Angeles. So it must be true! To read Zack’s side of the story, visit

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Bernard said...

god, i'd love to see derek rivero bottom, his ass was created for it