August 17, 2009

Short Takes: Hello, Levi…and More

The guys at Unzipped Media know a good op—photo and otherwise—when they see it. Following a week in which he whored himself out to Kathy Griffin for the Teen Choice Awards and an appearance on The Larry King Show, Levi Johnston (above) stated in an interview on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live that he would be willing to get naked if the dollars were there. In the blink of an eye, the publishers of Men, Freshmen and Unzipped magazines whipped up a letter and extended an invitation to the notorious youth who made former vice-presidential candidate (and overall nuisance) Sarah Palin a grandmother. If they have their way, Levi will pose for a cover story and a full nude photo layout. “We’re thrilled by the opportunity of having Levi Johnston pose for Unzipped magazine,” says Rick Andreoli, new executive editor for Unzipped Media. “The gay community’s outpouring of support and adoration for Levi Johnston has been loud and clear since he burst onto the political scene last fall.” Unzipped took a similar tact with embattled intern Beau Breedlove in the May issue of the best-selling mag. Let’s hope hunting man Levi will put down his shotgun long enough to unzip for the cameras. Think that will further annoy train wreck Palin? You betcha!…It’s been two years since Raging Stallion stud JD Slater released some new music. His last album, Naked, was a mix of tribal beats and exotic rhythms. Now Slater has refined his focus for a new project titled Western Skies and Eyes of Blue. The music on his 10th collection mirrors his earlier works in its emotional intensity. Slater—who wrote, arranged, produced and mixed—says that the album’s musical roots lie “somewhere between Joshua Tree and Burning Man” (whatever that means!). For more information, visit…To maximize awareness for its new Dripping Wet 2 sequel, Falcon Studios has unveiled a micro site that is inspired by the popular Adidas Jersey Swap. Only the models here are swapping undies and are totally naked! The underwear in the second installment of the Wet series was provided by /baskit/, so seemed like the perfect tie-in. “This partnership is a win-win situation for all of us,” says Falcon’s director of promotion Troy Prickett. The all-sex film was shot in Palm Springs and features Aden and Jordan Jaric, TJ Hawke, Turk Mason, Spencer Reed, Bobby Clark, Jason Pitt and Heath Anthony. Falcon exclusive Erik Rhodes (if he’s an exclusive, then how come he just shot a solo scene for Randy Blue? Just asking!) did behind-the-scenes material for the DVD extras. For more information, visit and

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Donald said...

I doubt that ol' Levi would actually do it but - I'd take a peek - good free press for Unzipped too.