September 1, 2009

News: C1R Signs New Exclusive Mitchell Rock

Another week, another exclusive! Channel 1 Releasing has announced the signing of Mitchell Rock to an exclusive contract. Rock is a competition bodybuilder and fitness model. Prior to signing with the studio, Mitchell appeared in Chi Chi LaRue’s new film, Taken: To the Lowest Level. The directix was so impressed with Rock’s performance that she offered him an exclusive contract.

“I nearly started jumping up and down when Mitchell told me he wanted to sign with us,” LaRue says. “He’s got such a different look from all my other exclusives. I just knew that he would round out the group perfectly. I nearly melt every time I see those muscles.”

Mitchell was introduced to C1R by fellow performer Adam Killian, who brought him to the set of a recent production. “I’m really looking forward to my future with Channel 1,” Rock says. “Everyone there has been so great to me, and I have a lot of fun on set. I’m really thankful that Adam introduced me to such a reputable company, and I know we’re going to make some really hot movies!”

Among them: Grid Iron Gang Bang, in which Rock stars with fellow exclusives Vance Winter (whom we hear is the recipient of the titular gang bang), Johnny Hazzard, Jeremy Bilding and Cameron Marshall. Then he is slated for Playing With Fire: Four Alarm and Mitchell Rock’s Workin’ It Out. For more information, visit

Oh, and is it just us or is Rock’s promotional photo heavily influenced by the cover of Cher’s 1979 album Prisoner? Just asking!

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