September 23, 2009

News: Robert Van Damme Makes Dual Deals

For the first full day of fall, we bring you a hot pic of Robert Van Damme on the beach at Fire Island and news about two exciting new developments for the screen stud. First, we have learned that the porn superstar, producer and director has added distributor to his long list of accomplishments. Yes, RVD will be now be distributing movies produced by his own RVD Films. This will start with the soon-to-be-released Cocks in Paradise, which stars Van Damme and Matthew Rush and was co-directed by Van Damme and vet Gino Colbert in Florida. It is the sixth film from the company, following the Private Party trilogy (in which Van Damme bottomed for the first and last time, he says), Butt Bouncers and Anal Intruder. “Although we were never contractually exclusive with Marina Pacific Distributors,” Van Damme says, “we acted as though we were. We’ve never, until now, sold our titles directly to stores or other distributors. Of course, like most producers, we have always sold DVDs to individuals directly through our Web site at In these economically challenging times, we are going to try for a more personally direct and economical approach to marketing and sales. So far, we’ve received a good response.”

In other Van Damme news, the Czech hunk has also announced a partnership between his company and 3-D Web site that will result in several joint projects. The first is a DVD featuring Van Damme in a scene with bodybuilder Skye Woods (below), which both Van Damme and Ford co-directed and was shot this month on Fire Island. The extended scene has been released in both 2-D and 3-D versions at It will be available on Van Damme’s site soon as well, and a DVD that contains both 2-D and 3-D versions (and comes with Ford’s special 3-D glasses) will be distributed later this year along with behind-the-scenes footage. The team is also collaborating on a Harry Potter parody titled Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls. In it, Van Damme plays a guard protecting the Sorcerer’s Balls. For more information, visit and

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Anonymous said...

I have seen several of Robert Van Damme's previous films and I am so impressed...I can't wait to see this new venture with Dominic Ford!