September 30, 2009

News: RSS Cuts Distro Deal With Stag Homme

Raging Stallion Studios has announced the release of Stag Fight, the first film from Stag Homme Studios, a new company founded and owned by porn star couple Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho. It will be released under Raging Stallion Releasing, the San Francisco–based studio’s new independent producer distribution division. “When I saw the work these guys were producing, I immediately offered to help them establish themselves in the industry,” RSS president Chris Ward says. “ They are producing something I have not seen before—it’s exciting and very, very sexy. This DVD is spectacular."

Stag Homme, which operates out of Madrid, issued this statement: “We couldn’t be happier to have the industry’s leading porn powerhouse, Raging Stallion Studios, distributing our first DVD, Stag Fight. We both felt very honored when RSS President Chris Ward showed interest in our product.”

Ward adds, “Raging Stallion Releasing gives smaller producers a chance to get thorough distribution. We are very selective on who we choose to add to the RSR schedule—each of these films comes with the Raging Stallion stamp of approval—which includes our money-back guarantee on all films.” RSR currently distributes Screaming Eagle, High Octane, and Bang Bang Boys.

Stag Fight is a collection of some of the best scenes from It contains scenes with reality sex situations using both POV shots and hidden cameras, as well as dark, plot-driven scenes that tap into violence and aggression. The film stars Manuel Lopez, Dennis De Nello, Pedro Andreas, Aitor Crash, Alain Lamas, as well as Crosse and D’Macho. For more information, visit

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