September 21, 2009

Short Takes: Rob Romoni Returns…and More

The wait is almost over for Rob Romoni fans! The beefy bodybuilder announced last week that he has signed with Jason Sechrest’s DV8 Casting and will be reentering the big biz. Romoni, who says he has taken a hiatus from the industry for the past two years but never really left, made more than 40 films from 2002 to 2006. And though he may not have shot a movie recently, his status as the unofficial gay porn king of Twitter has certainly helped the award-winning model remain in the public eye. Seriously, this guy’s hysterical tweets rival those of Ellen DeGeneres! Romoni recently wrapped his comeback role, starring in Massive Studios’ Bad Cop Diaries in a scene with Tristan Jaxx directed by John Bruno. As part of the deal, Romoni will also appear on the cover of a companion book to the film. Next he will appear in two scenes for RVD Films, including one with superstar Robert Van Damme himself. “I’m so glad to be making movies again and humbled that people are still interested in me,” Romoni says. “I’ve taken enough time off that I really get excited about doing these shoots again! With my body now too, I think the timing is right. I just want to bring happiness into the world and if this is one of the ways I can do it, I’m going to do it the best that I can.”… continues its campaign for safer sex, and porn star and director Steve Cruz is joining in. Together, they’re debuting a new line of high-end designer condoms named How I Roll. The new product was recently launched at the Up Your Alley street festival in San Francisco and NakedSword plans on distributing it at all its upcoming events. Also, if fans order a DVD through Raging, they get a free sample with their order. “Filthy desires can co-exist with healthy choices,” NakedSword’s Tim Valenti says. How true! For more info, visit…Athletic Model Guild, home to the historic archives of photographer Bob Mizer, recently made news with its new iPhone apps. Well, last week the company was notified by Apple that its update to the studio’s second app, AMG Beefcake! 1.1, is in violation of the company’s service agreement on the grounds of objectionable content. Two images (you can see one below) were deemed “obscene, pornographic or defamatory” and resulted in the barring of the update from the iTunes store. WTF?! AMG’s Christopher Trout says, “It’s one thing to deny nudity in the content that you make available to the public, but when you start censoring images that could very well pop up in a Diet Coke commercial, there’s something going seriously wrong.” AMG president Dennis Bell notes that there are plenty of apps for sale in the iTunes store that feature scantily clad women. “I’m not going to cry homophobia or sexism here, but it’s clear that Apple needs to be careful about the message they are sending,” Bell says. Amen to that!

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