October 9, 2009

New Release: Jason Adonis in Hold Tight

Okay, haters, he’s back and we’re writing about him. Yes, he’s “straight” and yes, he knows how to bring the crazy (and quit the biz on what seems like a daily basis), but these pics from Jason Adonis’s new movie sure look enticing. The gay-for-pay hunk recently filmed two scenes for Jet Set Men that will be released later this fall. And now, COLT Studio Group is inviting viewers and Adonis fans to Hold Tight: Minute Man 32. The press release promises a few quiet moments with the musclebound stud. “You will be mesmerized by his deep blue penetrating eyes,” it says, “as he draws you in for an up-close and personal experience you won’t soon forget.”

In the solo scene, Adonis kicks back on a leather sofa and flexes and caresses his bulging muscles. He removes his clothes and slowly reveals his hard and rippling physique, displaying his many assets. Showing off makes Adonis hot and horny. He lovingly strokes his long pulsating cock and edges his way closer and closer to the point of no return, until he drenches himself with a major load of jizz. Not bad for a married-with-children kinda guy. All rightie, let the commenting begin! For more info, visit COLTStudioGroup.com.


x said...

I've never understood the gay-for-pay controversy. If the actor is professional and convincing onscreen, I don't give a rat's ass what he does offscreen. Good luck to him in his future endeavours.

Gay-and-proud said...

well I do as in 99% of the cases these gay4pay guys DO NOT convince.

Anonymous said...

You really make yourself look like a gullible fool when you refer to a guy who has done countless hardcore sex with countless guys on camera for all the world to see as "straight," even if you put the word in quotes.

GorgeousBoys said...

With the SCORES of truly bi-sexual (e.g. TJ Hawke & Wolf Hudson)and gay performers available for work to the gay entertainment industry what really makes sense about marqueeing a straight guy in a major GAY adult film?

If your story is about the seduction of a straight boy and the straight boy plays a natural "alpha-male" role ... that can be hot - but when we learn that he can only 'take the cock' it truly spoils the viewer's fantasy.

I would concur with Gay-and-proud that "gay4pay guys DO NOT CONVINCE"

Anonymous said...

Shame on you for promoting the Gay-For-Pay Myth. On a day when we are marching for our right to be honest and open, you promote a guy who is in denial about his sexual orientation? Jason Adonis is a sad example of self-loathing. You should pity him.

Donald said...

I am not sure I really care if someone claims to be straight as long as the suck dick and take up the ass like a gay guy I don;t really need to know anymore.

I suppose if a straight guy is taking work away from some hard working gay boy it is wrong.

But, really to link porn to the gay civil rights movement may be a stretch but maybe not.
Thanks Vincent for a great site

Dwight Supremacy said...

Wow, he's hotter than I remember. The break did him well!