November 25, 2009

New Release: Inside Israel

How do you follow a smash hit like Men of Israel? If you’re superstar director Michael Lucas, you head back to the country that made it all possible. Lucas and his talented crew have returned to the promised land for Inside Israel, the latest epic in their international saga. This second movie showcases the vast terrain of the country and features an exotic 12-man cast from seven different countries across four continents. It’s packed with nine scenes, including six hard-core action scenes and three oral vignettes.

The story centers around a Spanish photographer (Bruno Jones), who is inspired by buddy Jonathan Agassi to rally his models and head to Israel to shoot more than just pictures. Some of the stunning locations include Ga’ash Beach on the Mediterranean Sea, a rooftop overlooking the streets of Tel Aviv, the lush waterfalls and forests of Banias in the Jordan River, the ruins of ancient townships near Jerusalem and the 4,000 year-old Luzit Caves. Hey, this beats a shabby hotel room set any day!

Inside Israel stars Jay Roberts, Jordan Fox, Hugo Martin, Carlos Caballero, Bruno Jones, Max Schutler, Sasha Dov, Baptiste Bremont and Lucas exclusives Jonathan Agassi, Naor Tal, Martin Passoli and, of course, Michael Lucas. The two-disc DVD set is available today at The film also has a dedicated site at


Critical Eye said...

Schutler, Agassi and that hot twink (with the delightful meaty ass) make sit all worth buying. ML is still in good physical shape but the bottox face is slowly going to fall apart.

ricci said...

the three guys on the bottom cover are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard said...

Yep Naor Tal's as sis made in heaven and created for being fucked unrelentlesly, so is Max's hot butt, pleas emr lucas continue this series for a long time to come, ur writing porn history

Bill said...

just luv brun jones hot, sleazy, dirty, rugh, street look. Good top material but also the kind of top whom i at least would like to see getting fucked hard. The first movie in the series was a smasher!