November 11, 2009

Scene Stealer: Jason Crew in Gunner World

Look who’s all growed-up and manly! Yup, that’s Jason Crew, who signed as an exclusive to Raging Stallion Studios last spring and is now appearing in the new Monster Bang production Gunner World. This is latest release in the specialty line that features stunningly oversize dicks. This time, the, er, “large” cast includes RSS exclusives Antonio Biaggi, Bruno Bond and Ricky Sinz (along with Crew) in addition to Damian Rios, Dominic Pacifico, Erik Grant, Ethan Roberts, Charlie X and the eponymous Gunner, who weighs in with a mind-boggling 13 inches of cock. Damn, that thing must be heavy to lug around! But it’s a bearded and tattooed Crew, who always brings such energy and a sense of fun to his scenes, that got our attention in his duo with Rios. Oh, and Sinz bottoms for Gunner in another highlight moment. Yikes! For more information, visit

1 comment:

roger said...

well, if u ask me it's for pacifico and rios only that i'll get the release, they're hot power bottoms and gay