November 16, 2009

Short Takes: Romoni Gets Dreamy…and More

Porn star Rob Romoni continues his long-awaited return to the big biz. Thanks to his “smoldering good looks and bodybuilder physique,” gay adult site NakedSword has named Romoni to its Dream Team for the month. This means that Romoni will get a dedicated page on the site that features a photo gallery, bio, wallpapers and links to his many films, which have included Nasty Nasty and Wet Sex. More recently, Romoni has filmed Bad Cop Diaries for Massive Studios and Dirty Muscle for Robert Van Damme’s RVD Films. He was also just nominated for a Cybersocket Award (gee, that must be nice!). In an effort to promote the honor, our friends at have posted a humorous top-10 list from Rob with reasons why fans should vote for him (our favorite: #4. Will dress in drag and lip sync Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”). Other recent Dream Teamers have included Logan McCree, Tyler Saint and Ricky Sinz. For more information, visit…Speaking of the Cybersocket Awards, one of Romoni’s buddies and fellow Twitter whore, er, enthusiast Wolf Hudson has been nominated for Best Porn Star and Best Personality. In an attempt to win votes, Hudson has filmed a YouTube video in which he promises all voters a special treat if he wins. (Hudson used a similar tactic last spring when he was campaigning to co-host the Grabby Awards in Chicago. And as anyone who got teabagged by him knows, it worked!) This time, saying “I don’t wear the same dress twice,” Hudson is switching it up by offering potential voters the chance to “motorboat my booty hole.” And if you don’t know what that means either, click here to watch Wolf’s video and find out! Good luck, stud. Yup, it must be nice to get nominated for a Cybersocket Award. (Insert bitter face here.)…The subject of our third item is also nominated for a Cybersocket. Hey, whaddaya know! Wow, that must be cool. Anyway, Michael Lucas (nominated for Best Porn Blog) and Lucas Entertainment (Best Video Company) have launched the official Web site for the upcoming release Inside Israel. It features movie stills, a hard-core trailer, model photos and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the followup to the smash Men of Israel. The handsome cast (shown below with Lucas) includes Jay Roberts, Jordan Fox, Hugo Martin, Bruno Jones and Max Schutler, in addition to Lucas exclusives Jonathan Agassi, Naor Tal and the debut of Martin Passoli. Inside Israel features six full hard-core scenes and three oral vignettes. It is due out November 23. For more information, visit and

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