November 17, 2009

Web Watch: Dean Phoenix and Dylan McLovin

Dean Phoenix is one of our favorite guys, and now he’s back in front of the cameras for Jet Set Men’s Straight Edge Web site. This is his third online scene (he even bottomed in one!), and this time the porn legend is giving some good lovin’ to Dylan McLovin. (Still love that name!) The scene starts with Phoenix approaching McLovin in the locker room and telling him that he’s horny and needs his famously curved cock sucked. No problem! Dylan, who you may remember as a Freshman of the Year nominee, gets to work. Dean returns the favor before they move to the shower, where Phoenix shows his still amazing topping skills. It all ends well with a side-by-side jack. Dean looks better than ever and just seems to get more comfortable as a performer as he ages. Dylan also holds his own beside the studly superstar. And Jet Set Straight Edge’s scenes are shot in high definition, so the quality is excellent for Web content. Epic win all around! For more information, visit

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