December 17, 2009

Movie Review: Private Party: The Mystery Begins!


Directors: Gino Colbert and Robert Van Damme.
Cast: Robert Van Damme, Coby Mitchell, Jay Lopez, Aron Ridge, Kevin Cavalie, Antonio Milan.

Robert Van Damme moves to the production side of things with Private Party: The Mystery Begins! Along with co-director Gino Colbert, the porn superstar helms part one of a trilogy in which a group of guys are invited to a mansion for a sex party. The only problem is that they don’t know who invited them, and an anonymous e-mail is their only clue. Oh well, who cares? As soon as they arrive, the guests splinter off to have hot sex with one another and that’s all that really matters.

Van Damme is up first, retreating to a private room with muscle stud Cody Mitchell. Together, the two hunks worship each other’s great bods, although Van Damme seems to do the brunt of the work—deep-throating, eating ass and eventually topping the passive Mitchell. With his perfect body and handsome mug, Van Damme is a superstar through and through, and this scene is a good example of why. Next, Jay Lopez and Antonio Milan get together in a bedroom of the house, where they compare uncut cocks and perform 69. Milan also plows Lopez’s face before taking it in the end. One look at the sweat pouring from these models and it’s clear just how hot this scene is.

After they spew, Lopez still hasn’t had enough, so he steps outside where he gets into an impromptu threeway with Mitchell and Aron Ridge. There also just happens to be a mattress propped in the alley, which the guys put to good use. Ridge is hung like a porn star should be—large!—and he rams Mitchell before Lopez does the same. Both men spill seed on Mitchell, who jacks himself to completion.

Lopez has had his fill and leaves the party, but his bud Milan returns to the same bedroom, this time with Kevin Cavalie (a pierced and tattooed model who we learn in the DVD extras is straight and married to a female porn star!). Milan says that he is usually a top, but this party has got him feeling on the bottom side of things. (Yeah, right, sister.) Cavalie is quick to take the hint and gives him a hard pounding. Again, the sweat flows and Cavalie delivers the best pop shot of the bunch.

As the group dwindles, Cavalie winds up sitting with Ridge on a tacky white leather couch. This time it’s Cavalie taking dick, and he does well with Ridge’s major tool, staying hard throughout. Not bad for a straight guy! This scene has some lighting problems, and the rich picture quality of the other scenes is lacking. But Private Party still delivers its share of high-quality scenes and studs, especially Van Damme, who sadly disappears after the opening. He’s not even interviewed along with the rest of the cast in the extras segment. Too bad, we could have used more of him. In the final moments, we are given a glimpse of the mystery host who has invited the group to play. We wonder whether he’s the lucky guy who gets to top Van Damme in the final installment. Stay tuned!

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Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)


Pornus Addictus said...

Vincent I really don't know what you've seen in van Damme, to me he's such a mediocre bore, is this a de gustibus on your part? Much hotter and more involved is indeed antonio milan who can be really HOT when rightly directed.

Robert van Damme said...

I would love to see some performance of Mr Pornus Addictus when he is going to be right directed.Wher I can see some video please?After 8 years in porn business I would like to learn how to perform.Thanks Robert van Damme

Pornus Addictus said...

without starting a discussion dear mr van Damme being x many years in porn does not guarantee ur being a hot performer, i know of several others who have been even longer in the bizz and are utter bores.
i for one have never ever seen u kiss a man the real way with passion and enjoyment, ye su can fuck but then in thesort of gay4pay boring way , let's put it differently porn for u is a job for some others a vocation, but that's just my opinion. May u and ur fans think differently,u've got every right to do so