January 8, 2010

Movie Review: Best of Suite 703, Volume 2


Jim Steel.
Cast: Ben Patrick, Jason Pitt, Ken Mack, Jack Ryan, Mason Wyler, Jasper St. John, Vance Winters, Colby McNight, Steve O’Donnell, Jude Collin, Lucas Knowles.

Suite 703 continues to crank out excellent content for its Web site, but the online studio also periodically gathers its scenes together for the DVD market. Now, they have taken the best of the best and put it into another compilation disc, Best of Suite 703, Volume 2. Ben Patrick and Ken Mack start things off as horny realtors who are hosting an open house but decide to get off with the current tenant (Jason Pitt) before the showing starts. Daddy Mack is the perfect match for twinks Patrick and Pitt, and they all do lots of great sucking before Mack stacks them up and tops both. Pitt even jizzes into Patrick’s hand and is promptly fed his own load. Nice touch, guys!

Porn vet Jack Ryan turns up as a nasty coach who discovers Mason Wyler sniffing his best bud’s jockstrap in the locker room. The always sexy Ryan makes Wyler sniff his own, with his big, hard coach cock still in it. Ryan is fully in charge of this scene, which makes it all the better when he orders young Mason to suck and eventually bottom. Wyler has become such a controversial figure in the porn industry that it’s easy to forget what a natural performer he is. As he and Ryan do 69 and he takes a lovely facial, Wyler is totally at ease—and totally hot!

Jasper St. John and Vance Winters are former college buds who reunite by chance on a job interview. It doesn’t take them long to rekindle their crush and do it on the desk! There is lots of fun kissing and blowing before Winters tops with enthusiasm. In fact, both these guys seem thrilled to be together. Also meeting on the job are porn vet Steve O’Donnell (rocking an unattractive Hollywood agent ponytail) and Colby McNight, although they don’t work together. O’Donnell is a plumber who is fixing a leak after hours. McNight stops by the office kitchen and ends up getting dicked on the lunch table. O’Donnell also unleashes a huge load all over him.

Finally, Jude Collin spies on Lucas Knowles as he showers. Soon they are jerking together and swapping blowjobs. This scene is short, but Collin scores major points as a top man. Picture quality is fine, especially considering that these scenes were shot to be watched on a computer, but it’s the sexy models and inspired action that make it worthwhile. (Suite 703)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)


DeWayne In San Diego said...

Interesting Vincent when EVERYONE keeps saying DVD's are done,kaput obsolete,,the GayWebs are releasing DVD's

Chaosmen was the first I recall (Twink Studio Boycrush had DVD's in 2006)then RandyBlue. Now almost all have entered this "dead" market.

While the Old DVD studios cut up their DVD's & post on the Web..

Club Eurocreme for example.

Vincent Lambert said...

Good point, DeWayne. I think there will always be some kind of market for DVD. Especially for the oldies but goodies in the market who resist online content. But for the younger guys, it’s all about the scenes, not the movie. To each his own!