January 6, 2010

Web Watch: VidioView Year in Review

The year (and decade) might be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re done picking over its cold, dead, lifeless form! That’s why Mark Adams and our friends at VidioView.com asked readers and industry experts to weigh in with their picks for the most interesting person and/or trend of the past year in gay porn. Biz insiders such as director Thor Stephans, XXFactor’s Onan the Vulgarian, Lavender Lounge’s Mark Kleim and talent manager David Forest all chimed in with their take on the year that was. Hell, we even piped up and shared our thoughts on the year in twins. Here’s our contribution:

There wasn’t just one most-fascinating person in gay porn this year, there were two: Twins! Ever since Jon King’s 1981 classic Brothers Should Do It, there has been a particular taboo about siblings having sex together. After all, it’s otherwise known as incest, or in this case twincest! This year, we saw: Fratmen’s Joshua and Jesse and Dustin and Darren (who did a fourway jack!); Fernando and Fabrizio Mangiatti, who worked for Lucas Entertainment, among others; Next Door Male’s Dave and Matt Studding; and Straight Fraternity’s TJ and Joner (deaf twins—talk about niche marketing!). And we’re not even counting bros (but not twins) Bobby and Seth Clark; gay porn bandits Keyon and Taleon Goffney (who are in jail); and the Visconti Triplets (who are rumored to actually be one set of twins and an older look-alike brother). Now some of the twins, like Sean Cody’s adorable Jeff and John (above), merely jacked next to each other, while others, such as Adam and Conrad Richter in Channel 1 Releasing’s Double Czech 2009, went all the way. And then there was Bel Ami’s controversial Peters twins. Milo and Elijah Peters (below) not only sucked and fucked each other, they did it bareback and took each other’s loads orally. Talk about busting barriers! Viewers run very hot and cold on this subject. Some find it hot; others find it icky. But no matter your tastes, in 2009, twins certainly had gay porn fans seeing double!

To read the full year-end review, visit VidioView.com.

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