February 23, 2010

News: Steve Cruz Named as RSS Videographer

Porn superstar Steve Cruz has a new job. Raging Stallion president Chris Ward has announced that the furry exclusive has been named as the company’s latest principal videographer. This prestigious position has formerly been held by Tony DiMarco and Ben Leon (both of whom have gone on to successful directing careers with the studio), Leif Gobo (who has co-directed the popular “color series” with Cruz for Falcon Studios) and others. Cruz was discovered by Ward in 2006 and has appeared in numerous films, including Mirage, Grunts and Focus/Refocus. He created the How I Roll.info safe-sex campaign and recently launched the HardFriction.com membership site with partner and fellow RSS exclusive Bruno Bond. Together they starred in the RSS release Menace. Although he has shot films before, Cruz’s debut as principal videographer for RSS will be with the upcoming Tales of the Arabian Nights, which was co-directed by Ward and Leon.

“My head is kind of spinning!” Cruz says. “This next phase of my career is proving to be the most exciting yet. I am honored to be working along side Chris, and he’s excited to be directing full-time again. I’m grateful to have such an accomplished mentor in my life. Learning, growing and co-creating under a huge talent I’ve admired from day one? It’s really too good to be true.”

And speaking of Tales of the Arabian Nights, this is the long-awaited follow-up to the Arabesque series, which began in 2005. Ward and his RSS team are returning to the dark and swarthy men of the Middle East for this four-disc epic. RSS is promising the “grandest and most lavish porn event of the year—beautiful sets, top-notch direction and the most stunning cast.” And from the sneak preview of the first scene that we’ve seen, they’re not kidding. It features Cruz and newcomer Aybars (below), who was found online by Ward. The one-named hunk hails from Turkey. “Aybars is the standout discovery of this movie,” Ward says. “His beautiful body, warm eyes, perfect cock and wonderful personality make him one of my personal favorites. When casting, I thought Steve and Aybars would be perfect—both are distinctive in their looks and I always like to cast similar guys together. I figured that if you are into hairy studs, this will be a dream pairing.” Dreamy indeed!

Tales is set for an early spring release. For more information, visit RagingStallion.com.

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DeWayne In San Diego said...

OMG I am having a 70's Flashback and I am hard!
Love him!

Aybar is HOT!