February 8, 2010

Short Takes: Have a COLT Heart…and More

Holidays are done, winter blues are here. That means one thing…Valentine’s Day! (For some, another reason to be blue!) COLT Studio Group is doing its best to brighten your day with a collection of exclusive COLT Valentine’s greeting cards. There are four different designs that feature some of COLT’s hottest models, including Vince Ferelli, Adam Champ, Nate Karlton and Luke Garrett. Now who wouldn’t want to find these guys in their mailbox?! The cards sell for $2.50 each or $15 per dozen. For more information, visit COLTStudioGroup.com.…It seems like one porn star or another is always leaving the big business. Well, we heard from Angel Slut Garden creator Angel Skye last week and he is officially disassociating himself from the porn world…once again! In a long farewell e-mail, Skye revealed that he “needed to change the direction my life was headed, and to do that I need to make sure I removed myself from people and situations that were taking me on a path of destruction.” He goes on to say that there are several movies he directed that are still to be released (his latest is the Halloween screamer Friday the Fuckteenth) and he will now focus on his education and ventures in music. On the personal side, he claims that former boyfriend and biz partner Brad Star was arrested in December for making personal threats. He says that though Star is now out on probation, a restraining order prevents him from contacting Skye. “The things he has done since the time I left him (May 2009) to now have made me further open my eyes to what a monster he is,” Skye writes. Yikes! Ain’t love grand?! In closing, Skye thanks his fans for their support and says that he hopes to be remembered as “not a victim but a survivor.” Rock on, gurl!…It was just a couple of weeks ago that we announced the gay porn debut of reality star Steven Daigle (below). Well, the one-time Big Brother star must be serious about his new career because the former rodeo star has now had his cock molded for TopCo’s line of Channel 1 Releasing sex toys. The dildo is slated to coincide with the release of his XXXPOSED DVD later this month. “If someone told me that me being on TV’s Big Brother would lead to a dildo being made from my penis, I would have probably laughed in their face,” Daigle says. “And I’m still laughing! How can I not? I mean, I can literally go fuck myself.” To see a teaser trailer for the upcoming release from directrix Chi Chi LaRue, click here.

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