March 1, 2010

Short Takes: Brandon Wilde Makes Splashy Porn Debut…and More

Another teenager is hitting the skin trade! First it was Montreal’s own Jeremy Feist. Now 19-year-old Brandon Wilde has taken the big plunge—and we mean big!—and filmed his first hard-core sex scene with industry vet and megahung superstar Trevor Knight (both pictured above). The scene, which is now live at Suite 703, comes on the heels of Wilde’s solo debut for Cruiser Boys. The tattooed teen was discovered late last year in Minneapolis and is now signed to Jason Sechrest’s DV8 Casting. He says that his tiger paw tats are a reference to his “wild” side and his favorite sex act is sucking dick, which he perfected by “practicing on popsicles and his straight friends.” Brandon was also recently named Gorgeous Boy of the Day by our blog buddies at And we’re hearing that more big things are ahead for Wilde as he will be filming two movies for Falcon Studios next month. Welcome, cutie!…Finally some news for all those crazed porn awards fans we wrote about a couple weeks ago. It was announced last week that the prenomination period for the 2010 GAYVN Awards has opened. This means that a Web site is now live and ready for industry input regarding the best gay adult films, models and Web properties from last year. There will be 20 DVD categories and 10 Web categories, including a few new ones, such as Best Blog/Gossip Site (cough). No exact date or venue has been announced for the April awards, but we’ll keep you posted. For more information, click here. Now calm down, people!…Pacific Sun Entertainment and have joined forces to launch a new mobile Web site aimed at the gay market. “We expect great things from this site,” says Mark Cave of Gay4Mobile. “The gay community needed a mobile site that had a wide variety of videos and we feel we are meeting that need.” He goes on to explain that the movie selection will be broken into categories, so that mobile surfers will have the greatest variety possible. “Mobile is the wave of the future today,” Pacific Sun CEO Pritam Sinha says. “Pacific Sun Entertainment was definitely very late in the Internet game, but we are now determined to be among the first to jump into mobile.” For more info, visit…Speaking of sex on the phone, Apple unceremoniously dumped more than 5,000 apps from its store last week for having “overtly sexual content.” Among those apps slaughtered were two from Athletic Model Guild, AMG Brasil Boys and AMG Beefcake, which we have previously covered here and here. “Apple did remove our apps over the weekend, along with thousands of other adult and nonadult apps,” AMG president Dennis Bell told our colleague JC Adams of According to Bell, the new rules prohibit any kind of nudity. “Even that shirtless guy in ripped jeans on the AMG Beefcake app appears to be to risqué.” The company was notified of the change via form letter. We’re sure that late founder Bob Mizer—who took many iconic images, including the classic one of Mike Stevens below—would not be pleased. Whatever, Apple! You know what you can do with your iPad!

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Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

Re: Apple removing adult apps:

What a bunch of idiots! Correction: UPTIGHT idiots! I don't endorse Apple products to begin with because I think they're overpriced. Now I just think they're a bunch of paranoid, censoring ding-dongs! If it's an adult site where only adults would have access, what's the big deal? UGH! Apple sucks!
Also, awesome to hear that the GAYVNs are happening! It's about time! :-)