April 19, 2010

Interview: Mark Dalton on His Bodybuilding Debut

It looks like someone has taken Jersey Shore’s GTL mantra to heart! Porn superstar Mark Dalton is shown here posing in his first bodybuilding competition. The Getting Levi’s Johnson star won first place in both the Novice Heavyweight and Overall categories (beating more than 60 novices) and third place in Light Heavyweight at the Ronnie Coleman Classic (named after the onetime Mr. Olympia champ) on Saturday, April 10, in Mesquite, Texas. Competing under the name Jeremy Sons, Dalton received an “excellent” rating on each judge’s critique sheet.

In an exclusive interview with VincentLambert.com, Dalton says that the competition was “the hardest thing I’ve ever done.” The 30-year-old Texas native spent the past three months prepping for the contest and sums up the process as “no fun. Getting ready for a show is like nothing else. You have to totally focus on your training and diet. And to get to zero body fat, which is what you see in the pictures from that night, you have to suck everything out of your body, including the water. You’re just skin and muscle!”

But Dalton says that all the hard work paid off. “It was a great feeling,” he says. “Taking first place made it all worthwhile.” And having his three-year-old daughter in the audience made his victory that much sweeter. “She was there cheering me on. Afterward she told me that she wanted a small trophy for herself, and I told her, ‘Daddy is only winning big trophies!’”

Following the contest, Dalton took a few days off but is now back to serious training for his next event, the Europa Super Show in Dallas this August. Although he is currently fielding offers for photo shoots and porn movies, his heart is in bodybuilding for the moment. “I am 100 percent committed to getting ready for this next show,” he says. “But my previous experience in porn probably helps my performance here, just from being onstage and using my charisma to relate to the audience.”

Dalton adds that he assumes the judges know of his porn work, but it doesn’t matter. “Look, I can’t do anything about what I’ve done in the past,” he says. “All I can do is make today as good as I can. I’ve always been about being different. Who knows? Maybe my tattoos will work against me. Or they might make me stand out. My one fear is being the same as everyone else.”

So, what does Dalton think of his comeback scene in Jet Set Men’s just released Levi movie? “To be honest, I haven’t seen it yet,” he says. “I just do what I do and hope the fans like it. I am sure some won’t be happy with my latest move. But I say, bring on the haters! Hey, if nobody is hating you, then you’ve lost your touch!”

To see more pics of Mark from the competition, click here. And for additional information, visit MarkDaltonXXX.com and his agent David Forest’s ThePremiereArtists.com.

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