April 5, 2010

Short Takes: Bel Ami Goes Big…and More

While other studios are downsizing, Bel Ami is going all out for its latest shoot. The company has just completed a big-budget three-week production in Cape Town, South Africa, featuring 27 Bel Ami models, including Dolph Lambert, Luke Hamill, Brandon Manilow and those controversial Peters Twins. During that time, about 100 pieces of original programming were filmed, including documentary footage, photo shoots and interviews with the guys (who also squeezed in some pics for Aussie Bum underwear). “We just wrapped on what is likely the biggest and most expensive production in gay porn history or certainly in the past couple of decades,” Bel Ami founder George Duroy says. “BelAmiOnline had a record year of growth last year, so I wanted to put even more money into production this year and give our loyal customers some extra-special groundbreaking content.” The price tag for the mega shoot? A reported $400,000! We’ll find out whether that all ends up on-screen when the scenes start going live in May. For more information, visit BelAmiOnline.com.…Another porn star is behind bars. Last week, newcomer Damon Audigier was arrested in El Reno, Oklahoma, and charged in the stabbing death of a local teenager. Audigier, who has done work for Channel 1 Releasing and Falcon’s Jocks Studios in addition to Web studios Suite 703 and Bait Buddies, faces charges of conspiracy to commit murder, assault with a dangerous weapon and malicious injury to property. He is repped by Florida-based FabScout Entertainment, which said he was set to film a new scene this week. Guess he’ll be otherwise occupied.…We recently told you that Gus Mattox is mounting a one-man show and hitting the road in his camper. Now the former porn star, who starred in films such as Through the Woods, Dangerous Liaisons and Big Rig, and current talented writer-actor (now going by the name Tom Judson) has announced the latest leg of his tour. At the end of this month, he’ll begin a three-week run of his Canned Ham show at the Cavern Club Theater in Los Angeles. And we’re hearing that none other than Chi Chi LaRue, who had a hand in discovering Mattox back in 2003, will be hosting an opening-night party on April 28. Then he’ll be spending the summer in Provincetown (one of our favorite places, btw), where he’ll perform at the Art Theater. Mattox will be alternating nights with gay-porn-friendly drag star Varla Jean Merman, besides serving as her accompanist. Yes, he plays piano—and accordion, see below—too. Well, what a nice treat this will be for our annual visit to P-town. See you there, Gus! For more information, visit cannedhamcamper.blogspot.com.


DeWayne In San Diego said...

Great to hear about Gus Mattox one of my all time favs, he and Pierre Fitch in Through the Woods one of the all time great Falcon pornos!

Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

BelAmi: what's not to like here! ;-)

UGH! I love my subject...well, I wouldn't say love necessarily (it's depressing as all hell), but writing papers just suck. I would much rather write a blog entry than a paper. But a break here is always a welcome relief, as well as a mandatory porn break.

Thanks, Vince! :-)