April 26, 2010

Short Takes: The Jarics Split Up…and More

Remember where you were when you heard that Brad and Jen had broken up? Jen and Ben? Sonny and Cher!? Porn fans got a shock this week when it was announced (via our friends at TheSword.com) that Aden and Jordan Jaric were breaking up. The Falcon Studios exclusive couple has made numerous movies together since 2007, including Endless Crush, Malibu Heat and Best Men, in which they played only with each other. (They also jointly recorded a dance single and posed for the NOH8 campaign.) Aden made a statement to confirm the news, writing “Yes, it’s true. Please don’t message me asking about my personal life. I won’t reply. It’s none of anyone’s business.” While Jordan took to his Twitter account to say that he is “in a lot of pain” and “we’re still friends and still love each other, but love isn’t enough.” He also got custody of their dog, Buster. A compilation DVD of the duo’s scenes was recently released by Falcon, and they will appear in the studio’s upcoming INNtrigued. Will it be their last scene together? A Falcon representative told us this weekend that the company will release a statement about the future of the fun couple later this week. Gawd, if these two perfect specimens got tired of having sex with each other, what chance do the rest of us have!?…On another sad note, NYC party promoter and HX magazine co-founder Marc Berkley was found dead on Fire Island this weekend. He wasn’t directly involved in the porn industry, but he hired his fair share of go-go guys and porn stars to work his events for the more than 20 years he was on the club scene. Vince spotted him at the Hookies just a few weeks back. It’s rumored that he had a heart attack, but final reports are pending. He was 57.…Okay, enough with the bad news. Let’s end on an animated up note this week. Archie Comics announced last week that it’s adding an openly gay male character to its comic book. Kevin Keller is the new hunk in town and, starting in September, he will be rubbing elbows (and more?) with Riverdale residents Archie, Jughead, Veronica and Betty. “Having a gay character is a huge sign of progress,” Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater says. “The world is a huge melting pot and Riverdale is a reflection of what’s going on. It also reflects what is going on in American high schools. Kids are warmer and more accepting than ever.” Wish we had a wholesome blond twink like Kevin in our high school. Maybe Helix Studios can lure him to do a solo!?

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Elizabeth Young, AKA The Gore Hound, or Elspeth Chagall said...

*Excuse me while I cough* The Archies comics CEO said that kids are more accepting than ever? Umm..guess he didn't hear the news about the lesbian girl that got pushed over a bridge or some over high object and killed by her homophobic classmates? Yeah, that was real accepting. :-( There's still a lot of ignorance and homophobia in the world still. I hope that the introduction of this character will be the step needed to teach kids about diversity but we'll just have to see.