April 9, 2010

Sneak Peek: Damien Crosse in Tales of the Arabian Nights

We’re ending the week with one more interview to plug Raging Stallion’s new Tales of the Arabian Nights. In recent weeks, we’ve run posts about this Arabesque sequel, which features newcomers Aybars and Derrek Diamond. Now, how can we resist showcasing their co-star Damien Crosse? Just look at him! Here, the gorgeous Stag Homme co-founder shares his thoughts on his favorite bodily fluid, his ultimate fantasy and his equally sexy hubby.

Your diet seems to be mainly cum. What is it about the flavor of cum that makes you drink so much?
I don’t know, but it is very addictive! LOL

I have never seen so much cum on any single face as your big orgy scene in Focus/Refocus. What was it like to shoot that scene with so many talented men (Francesco D’Macho, Wilfred Knight, Steve Cruz, Angelo Marconi)? That is kind of “porn royalty.”
My face was fucking nasty, wasn’t it? I love it! How can I not love all that cum on my face from such fucking beautiful men? There’s nothing hotter for me than Francesco’s fat load hitting the back of my throat, but getting three more loads in my face from these hot superstar fuckers is just beyond!

So what is it like sharing life with Francesco D’Macho?
My jaw hurts from too much smiling. Life couldn’t be better.

Who are the favorite stars you have worked with?
My favorite star I’ve worked with is of course my baby, Francesco D’Macho, the sexiest man ever without a doubt!

How was your scene with Wilfried Knight (below)?
Wilfried has got to be one of the sexiest fuckers in the industry! My scene with him was too fucking tasty! It’s a really hot scene with lots of slow, sweet and passionate fucking. I do have to admit though that I had to stop Wilfried from fucking me a few times so I wouldn’t blow my cum shot too early in the scene. That man is pure sensuality! So grateful I got to guzzle down all his cum.

What is your ultimate porn fantasy, a scene you would love to star in?
How about a 10-man bukkake scene all over my face? Yummy!

Tales of the Arabian Nights is available now. RSS is offering the six-disc, 16-scene special-edition version of the film at an introductory price of $99.99. Customers get the original Arabesque as a bonus when they purchase Tales. To order, visit RagingStallion.com.

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