April 13, 2010

Web Watch: Dean Phoenix and Zack Randall

When did this happen!? We know that our guy Dean Phoenix has done a couple of online scenes for Jet Set Men’s Straight Edge site recently. But hasn’t Zack Randall been MIA, following a breakup (or not) with that popular model…um, what was his name? Anyway, turns out that Dean and Zack have hooked up for a new installment of the “Porn School” series at Jake Cruise’s Cocksure Men site. And from the looks of these pics, both studs seem as happy as a clam. Just look at ’em, giggling and kissing. It’s enough to make you gag!

Their scene is titled “Topping 101,” and for those in the audience who need to pick up a few pointers, there are few swordsmen in the big biz who do it better than porn superstar Mr. Phoenix. According to the press release, beefy Dean and twinky Zack got together to “help you answer that age-old conundrum: What should I do with this hard cock?” Some of the finer points of their duo include: how to put on a condom; how to use lube (and lots of it!); and, most important, how to find a hole and fuck it! What would gay porn fans do without this visual instruction manual? Find out at CocksureMen.com.

Ps. Didn’t anyone teach Zack Rule No. 1? Remove your glasses when getting pounded!

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