April 6, 2010

Web Watch: Trevor Knight Is On the Hunt…and the Bottom

Porn star Trevor Knight has been working in the big biz for a dog’s age. In fact, let’s call him porn superstar Trevor Knight. He deserves it after appearing in tons of films, including Overtime, Big Dick Society and Dante. After a brief flirtation with retirement (due to family reasons), the big-dicked stud is back and better than ever. His latest scene is for Suite 703, the first in a new series titled I’m a Married Man, which also features Rusty Stevens, Brad Benton (back to the porn once again, Mr. Vox!?), Emilio Sands and Twitter typist Rob Romoni. Knight has previously done scenes for the My Brother’s Hot Friend and Hot Jocks, Nice Cocks series for the online studio.

But the scene that is causing a minor ruckus for Knight is one he just did for OnTheHunt.com (the porn leg of Manhunt, not that we would know anything about that site) in which he bottoms. The duo, which co-stars Jayden Grey (pictured above), was directed by Canadian porn star Jeremy Hall and is being promoted as Knight’s on-screen bottoming debut. Don’t these people know that everyone knows everything nowadays? Astute porn fans have uncovered that Knight had previously gone bottoms up in a couple of Studio 2000 productions—Camp Out, paired with our old buddy DC Chandler (Trev looks so young and cute on the cover below!), and The Seeker, with current inmate Marcus Allen, both from 2004. Knight also flip-flopped with Shane Rollins in 2006’s Justice for hothouse.com. Oh well, maybe the good men of OnTheHunt meant that it was his online bottoming debut. Whatever! As long as Trevor is having hot sex on-screen, who cares whether he’s giving or receiving!?

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Angel Benton said...

And he flip-flopped with Tommy Ritter in a C1R movie ("Boot Boy" I believe).